Friday, March 2, 2012

»Business support for ID cards collapses

Business support for ID cards collapses

ElReg is saying what those active in the NO2ID campaign grooup knew for a while: business support for ID cards is collapsing. Blair’s pet scheme to fundamentally undermine civil liberties in the UK is going to morph into a new revenue generation scheme for government that imposes a stealth tax on business.

Under it you must check your employees ID cards or risk being fined if they turn out to be illegal immigrants. This also helps embed demand for ID cards by encouraging anyone wanting to work to get the ‘voluntary‘ card. It will allow the government to charge businesses for ID card readers and access to the big brother citizen database.

Most businesses labour under a horrific burden of red tape already: health and safety, employment, tax etc etc. much of it is useful and needed, albeit overly administratively intensive. ID cards will be a burden without a benefit, as businesses and the populace are slowly discovering.